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Cayelli, Dye Finish Academy Cup as Top Scorers

By Staff, 04/06/23, 10:45AM EDT


Read about the four Golden Boot, Glove and Ball winners from the weekend

Clubs from all over the country descended on Tampa last weekend to showcase some of the brightest academy talent in the country. The result was head-turning performance after head-turning performance, and stars of all ages breaking out and stealing the show. Indy Eleven had the most players given post-tournament awards, with four, while NC Courage and Tampa Bay United each had three award winners from the weekend.

There were five different individual awards given from the weekend:

Golden Boot: The top scorer in a division, measured by number of goals scored.

Golden Glove: The top goalkeeper in a division, measured by goals against average.

Golden Ball: The top player in a division, decided by USL's Sporting Department.

Coach of the Tournament: The top coach in a division, decided by USL's Sporting Department.

Young Player of the Tournament: The best U17 player in the U19 divisions, decided by USL's Sporting Department.

Read the full list of winners below!

U19 Boys Elite


Golden Boot: Grayson Elmquist (IND) - 4 goals

Golden Glove: Greyson Berglund (IND)

Golden Ball: Grayson Elmquist (IND)

Coach of the Tournament: Kike Wallace (IND)

Young Player of the Tournament: Darryl Hage (HFD)


U15 Boys Elite


Golden Boot: Kadiri Bello (IND) & Cohen Nance (TBU) - 3 goals

Golden Glove: Alexander Hohl (COL)

Golden Ball: Cohen Nance (TBU)

Coach of the Tournament: Peter Baah (IND)

U13 Boys Elite


Golden Boot: Prodigio Dye (TBU) - 5 goals

Golden Glove: Luan Silva (NFC)

Golden Ball: Luan Silva (NFC)

Coach of the Tournament: Magnun Silva (NFC)


U19 Girls Elite


Golden Boot: Autumn Cayelli (GVL) - 5 goals

Golden Glove: Mary Daly & Franky Dunlap (NCC)

Golden Ball: Phoebe Goldthwaite (NCC)

Coach of the Tournament: David Maddren (NCC)

Young Player of the Tournament: Lauryn Thompson (NCC)